2018 Summer Art Class Series with FIGMENT Oakland

Yes! We know you’re excited for our September 29th event. We are too. But did you know that we also run a FREE children's summer art class series? Presented along with Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development, this will be our second summer bringing arts education to school age kids in Mosswood Park.

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20 Projects You Should Definitely Bring to FIGMENT Oakland

Not sure what to bring to FIGMENT Oakland this September 29th? Don't worry, we have you covered with these 20 project suggestions! 

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7 Things To Consider When Submitting Your Art to FIGMENT Oakland

Considering bringing a project to FIGMENT Oakland 2018? Awesome! Before you submit, here are some things you should consider. Think of them as part practical how-to and part inspiration board to get your creative juices flowing:

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Submit Your Project to FIGMENT Oakland 2018!

Registration is officially now open on the FIGMENT Artist Submission Portal.

We are excited to announce that FIGMENT Oakland is now accepting project submissions for our September 29th event. Already, we're receiving some amazing projects on our submission portal  Of course, the more art the better, and we look forward to seeing your submission between now and the September 1st deadline.  

Who are we? FIGMENT is a non-profit organization dedicated to participatory and interactive art that transcends disciplines. What types of projects work well at FIGMENT? Glad you asked! FIGMENT Oakland provides a unique opportunity to showcase pieces that don't really fit into traditional exhibition spaces. Pieces that are too hands-on, too participatory, too site specific, too experimental, too messy or loud or playful or large. This can take any number of forms and speak to any number of creators, including

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FIGMENT Oakland 2018 Meetups

Shanty Boat by Wes Modes

For FIGMENT Oakland 2018, we’re scheduling two different kinds of meetups to connect with community members interested in participating in our fall event. Our Open Team Meetups are geared towards artists and volunteers alike, while our Artist Meetups are geared solely towards artists.

Open Team Meetups

Interested in volunteering your time, talents, energy, or art to FIGMENT Oakland? We’re always interested in meeting community members who want to join our 2018 team. Come to our planning meetings to find out what we’re up to and how you can get involved.

Location - Farley’s East - 33 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

  • June 25
  • July 23
  • August 20
  • September 17

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Artist Meetups

Interested in submitting a project to FIGMENT Oakland 2018? Come to our Artist Meetups in Mosswood Park to meet the curation team, tour the park, and learn more about what makes for a successful FIGMENT project.

Location - Mosswood Park - 3612 Webster St, Oakland, CA 94609 (we’ll be at the picnic tables near the playground)

  • June 16th 11am-1pm
  • July 14th 11am-1pm
  • August 11th 11am-1pm
  • September 8th 11am-1pm

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Call for Volunteer Curators - FIGMENT Oakland 2018

Join the team for our community-driven participatory art festival! 

FIGMENT Oakland is coming back to Mosswood Park Saturday this September! As planning starts for our fourth year here in Oakland, we’re looking for self-motivated, outgoing, volunteers to help with artist outreach and curation.

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Astro Botanicals, "Space Plants" and Psychedelic Spirituality

A Conversation with Astro Botanicals artist Stan Clark

Artists color our world through their creations. For FIGMENT artist Stan Clark, creator of Astro Botanicals, those creations are fantastical, hand-sewn, inflatable, botanical sculptures.

“I’ve been making these inflatable sculptures for over five years,” Clark told us, recalling the efforts he put into building his business. “Events help it get off its feet,” he elaborated, “I do festivals and concerts.” In order to expand his project’s outreach, Clark has installed his inflatable sculptures at a variety of professional and volunteer community events around the Bay Area. We spoke to him recently about building his business, and the meanings behind his unique creations.


Above: Enormous inflatable Astro Botanicals sculptures at FIGMENT Oakland.

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Special PARTYcipation Artist Meet n' Greet!

Calling all Bay Area Artists, Volunteers, FIGMENT Oakland friends...You’re invited to our special PARTYcipation Meet & Greet Mixer on Wednesday, May 24!

Join the FIGMENT Oakland core team on the patio at Temescal Brewing for housemade brews and popcorn. Meet and mingle with FIGMENT artists past and present, volunteers, friends, and the art-curious.

Want to know what's up with being an artist at this year's FIGMENT? Want to learn about what FIGMENT is to begin with? If you’re considering submitting an art project, volunteering, or just want to learn more about how to support this fun and creative event, this is the perfect time to get involved.

Here are the details:


Above: Participants at FIGMENT Oakland 2015, Mosswood Park

Take a Step Into Urban Play with Illustreet

Above: Video still from Illustreet at FIGMENT Oakland 2015. Click for the video! 

Outdoor events like Coachella,Burning Man, and Lightning in a Bottle have attracted increasingly massive, energetic crowds, drawn by music, community, and art. Each event centers around an escape from our fast-paced, urban lives, allowing us to indulge in a sort of urban play. The Coachella and Lighting in a Bottle festivals both feature big-name musical acts as their main draw, while at the Burning Man festival, art and community-building are the main course, while music shows are a close complement. Together, art and participatory community can shift our perspectives, enabling us to indulge the more childlike impulses of play, fun, and experience for its own sake. For FIGMENT artist Aitan Mizrahi, creator of Illustreet, “all it took was a dry erase board [and] a timer.”

We caught up with Mizrahi this week for a conversation about how Illustreet was presented at FIGMENT Oakland, and how interactive art encourages participants to leave their daily stress behind.

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Meet Chris Hirst, the man behind Robot Dance Party

Get to know the Bay Area's favorite robot

“People don’t dance enough,” announced Chris Hirst, the creative force behind Robot Dance Party: an infamous robot that dances in San Francisco’s Dolores Park, Oakland FIGMENT, the annual Burning Man event, and many other places. “This made me think that a dancing [character] would encourage people to dance more.” People think: “I’m dancing with a robot and it looks ridiculous, but it doesn’t make me feel nervous or embarrassed.”

Dancing seems to have many different connotations attached to it, including ideas about how people should dance. Robot Dance Party started as a reaction to those ideas, with a simple goal: to encourage people to express themselves freely, without having to worry about dancing “correctly.” The fun and lighthearted art project-turned-robot-costume initially started as a submission to 2007’s Burning Man. But Hirst’s lovable robot wasn’t as successful at Burning Man, probably because the event inundated with crazy, wild, and funky art projects. “At Dolores [Park], people are [much] more likely to approach it and dance with it, because it’s unexpected and fun,” Hirst grinned. While dance may be Hirst’s art, the robot itself is a whimsical, artistic reversal of what usually comes to mind when we think of the word “robot.”


Above: Chris Hirst creates a little Robot Dance Party at FIGMENT Oakland 2015.

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