18 ft LED video wall at FIGMENT Oakland!

This year at FIGMENT Oakland, an 18-foot LED video wall will serve as a venue for presenting interactive video works outside at Mosswood Park! From 11AM to 5PM, artists will be presenting camera-controlled interactive video art, audio-reactive visuals, VJ sets and dance performances.

Artist's rendering of the LED wall that WorldStage will bring to Figment Oakland at Mosswood Park on October 24 2015


Schedule of Artists: (subject to change)

11:00AM CodeDoodl.es (Assorted artists, see below)

11:30AM Tim Thompson

12:00PM Josh Silverman & WorldStage Lab with Toni Mikulka

12:30PM Steve Teeple

1:00PM Susan Pfeffer & Nina Rocio Fernandez (Performance: “Almost There, Nearly”)

1:30PM Tim Thompson

2:00PM Ben McChesney

2:30PM Helios Interactive

3:00PM Elements Group

3:30PM Eyal Ohana

4:00PM Karen Marcelo

4:30PM CodeDoodl.es

Codedoodl.es artists include:

Anders Hoff


Damien Mortini

Fábio Azevedo

Felix Woitzel

Justin Windle

Mat Groves

Neil Carpenter

Silvio Paganini

William Mapan

Xiaohan Zhang


“Arrows” by Cabbibo


A screen capture of an interactive piece from Helios Interactive


“Line” by Xiaohan Zhang


“Muscular Hydrostats” by Justin Windle


The video wall is being managed by Josh Silverman from the WorldStage Lab.


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