2018 Summer Art Class Series with FIGMENT Oakland

Yes! We know you’re excited for our September 29th event. We are too. But did you know that we also run a FREE children's summer art class series? Presented along with Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development, this will be our second summer bringing arts education to school age kids in Mosswood Park.

Why would an art festival dip their toe into art education? Well, one of the great things about FIGMENT is its low barrier to entry. Anyone can join in!  Teaching kids about art, how to make it, how they already have the tools and creativity they need to do it, is very important in helping foster the next generation of artists in our community.  Everyone who brings a project to FIGMENT was introduced to creating by someone in their life. We love being part of the community that inspires and encourages that exchange. So we decided to expand our scope, to look beyond our event, and to dig into supporting Oakland, and future Oakland artists, in new ways.

FIGMENT is what it is because someone said, ‘I have an idea, and I want to share it!’  These classes serve to empower kids and show them they are already artists. We want them to know they don't need approval to make art.  That's what FIGMENT is about: anyone can be an artist, anyone can participate simply because they want to.”  - FIGMENT Oakland producer Marissa Joy Clark

Are you the parent or guardian of a younger artist? Then we’d love to meet them at our Summer Art Class Series.  Here is our schedule for summer of 2018:


July 14th | 11am-12pm: “Stitch-n-Draw”

Teacher: Emily Wong

Embroider your drawing and make that sketch last! Kids will be taught how to use a needle and thread to embroider their sketch into a burlap books with yarn.

I As an artist and teacher, what I get out of teaching children arts, crafts and creative-expression is the possibility to nurture and develop future artist and teachers. I am excited to bring my arts and crafts projects to Figment Oakland Summer Camp as an example of  Lily Yeh's Art for Social Transformation project BarefootArtistMovie.com.” - Emily Wong

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July 21st | 11am-12pm: “Dangly Jellies!”

Teacher: Jen Fedrizzi

In the spirit of turning plastic waste into something fun, we will transform plastic water bottles into fun and easy hangable jellyfish using scissors, paint, and twine. Prerequisite: IMAGINATION!

“As a culture, we throw away tons of plastic and it doesn’t all get recycled. Much of it ends up in the ocean or in landfills. I’m excited to show kids that they can transform things we think have no more use or value into creative outlets that serve new purposes. My class is specifically focused on plastic water bottles, but it opens to door to perceiving discarded items as creative explorations.” - Jen Fedrizzi

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July 28th | 11am-12pm: Japanese Paper Marbling

Teacher: Jess Henricks

Create art on paper with floating ink marbling, also known as Suminagashi. Put dots of ink on top of water, make it swirl, then pick up the pattern with paper. Each participant will have their own tray of water to make many pieces of beautiful art on paper.

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Aug 4th | 11am - 12pm: Seed Bombs

Teacher: Kasey Smith

Use mud, clay, and wildflower seeds to make throwable seed balls you can use to spread secret patches of flowers in your community. Please note this class will be messy, dress accordingly. All materials will be provided for this class, but you can get free wildflower seeds at feedabee.com.

“Who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty and play with mud? Sometimes art is messy, sometimes art doesn't look like paintings in a museum. I want to show kids the possibilities are broader than they ever could have imagined.” - Kasey Smith

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Aug 411th | 11am - 12pm: To be announced!

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And remember, just like our festival, all our summer art classes are FREE. 

 “We started with artists who had participated in our 2016 class series because they had done such a great job with it.  Most of these artists have also brought projects to FIGMENT events in the past, so they are part of our creative family.  We invited them to bring back the same class or create a new one, so we have a mix of both! We're also developing the final class where students will create pieces that we will display at FIGMENT Oakland 2018.” - FIGMENT Oakland Producer Marissa Joy Clark

Interested in teaching a future class with us? Sign up to be a volunteer here to let us know you're interested! You can also join our Facebook group where our community shares a lot of great opportunities for artists, not just with FIGMENT, or follow our page to stay up to date.  We'll be repeating these classes again some time in 2019 so we're always looking for new artists!

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