20 Projects You Should Definitely Bring to FIGMENT Oakland

Not sure what to bring to FIGMENT Oakland this September 29th? Don't worry, we have you covered with these 20 project suggestions! 

  1. Upcycled Art - Environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet, art made from found materials can be a powerful commentary on use and reuse. We invite you to consider finding old household items you can breathe new life into, and help your audience experience the positive impacts of eco-conscious upcycled art.
  2. Games and Movement-Based Projects - Mosswood Park features a large playing field, perfect for everything from LARPs to tug-of-war to chess games to yoga to acroyoga. Do you run or take part in a recurring game or movement-based meetup? Consider hosting your September event at FIGMENT Oakland
  3. Music - You can’t have a party without music! Also, for many people exposure to singing, dancing, and percussion in early childhood are an intro point to deeper creative expression later in life. While we’re not providing an official sound system this year, you’re more than welcome to bring your own speakers or go acoustic on our field, our amphitheater, or a stage of your own creation. Let us know when you’d like to perform, for how long, and where in Mosswood Park and we’ll get you on our Performance Schedule.
  4. Installations - There is something especially inspiring about an art piece that towers above you and stretches before you. That has to be walked around and through to be taken in. While FIGMENT Oakland is a one-day event, and some installation pieces require more setup time and equipment than we can provide, the grounds of Mosswood Park are perfect for large-scale, immersive physical environments and sculptures.
  5. Site Specific Installations - A special subset of installation art that is designed to work with the features of a particular place. From buildings to trees to the slope of the field there are so many aspects of Mosswood Park that can be specifically designed for. Visit the park anytime to get a feel for the spaces there and talk to your curator about what might be possible!
  6. Political Art - With so many social issues impacting the world at this time, we would love to see more art at FIGMENT Oakland tackling important local, national, and international topics. Housing displacement, anti-racism, environmental justice, income inequality, access to the arts - the list goes on and on.
  7. Tech Art - technology can bring an extra level of magic and inspiration to art - and fuel that essential interactive element we try to capture with FIGMENT. Two important considerations for tech art:
    • Power: If your project requires electrical power from an outlet, be sure to inform your curator. There is power in the park, though it requires some extension cords and planning to be sure it isn’t overloaded.
    • Light: Keep in mind that FIGMENT takes place outdoors during the day, so plan tech projects with light-up elements accordingly. At past FIGMENT Oakland events, some artists brought tents or had their projects placed in shady areas. Not all projects may be appropriate for FIGMENT, but our curators will work with you to figure that out with you.
  8. Hands-On Co-Creation - A perennial favorite at FIGMENT and for good reason! Collaborative co-creation is our jam. Whether you’re painting a mural, building a cardboard city, writing letters to seniors, or fleshing out a community storytelling project - many hands make light work and we’d like to help lend you ours.
  9. Children’s Art - Whether this is art FOR kids or art BY kids, with it’s open age range FIGMENT can be a great place to showcase this kind of art. Get your kids started on a lifetime of creativity by bringing their art, music, performance or workshop to FIGMENT. 
    • Kids not your audience? Don’t worry! FIGMENT is a great platform for family-friendly activities but not all pieces need to be accessible to all age groups, they just can’t be antagonistic to certain age groups. Not sure what this means in terms of the content, context, materials, and general safe access of your work. Ask a curator!
  10. Mobile Art - From drones and robots to parades and bike-based projects, FIGMENT Oakland features paved pathways and a large open field for your mobile project to traverse. Does it fly in the sky, does it roll on pavement, does it meander between the installations, does it interact along the way? Any and all forms of non-stationary art could potentially find their place at Mosswood Park.
  11. Performance Art - All the world’s a stage, we can lend you ours or you can immerse yourself in the crowds on the field. From dance to theater to spoken word to monologues to clowning we’d love to see your inspiring words and actions at FIGMENT Oakland.
  12. Guerrilla Art - Do you miss the Oakland Gnomes? We miss the Oakland Gnomes. Have an idea that could be a contender to their Guerilla Art Throne? We would love to discuss whether FIGMENT Oakland is the right place to debut or feature your DIY, under-the-radar, anonymous ongoing projects.
  13. Workshops - FIGMENT is a great place to share a skill. Past workshops at various FIGMENTS have ranged from making craft projects like flower crowns and puppets, to storytelling, to making simple LED projects, to how to make the best playlist. Let us know what kind of location you need - outside on the grass, outside on a picnic table, or inside the community center - and we’ll try to place you appropriately!
  14. Ephemeral Art - Bubble tornados, ice sculptures, sand mandalas, sidewalk chalk murals. Sometimes the most powerful pieces exist and then are gone in the blink of an eye. Let us know how we can help highlight and extend the magic of that blink for you and your work.
  15. Costumed Characters - Think less Disney and more charming street performer. Do you have a simple character with an elaborate costume (or an elaborate character with a simple costume) that you’d like to invite to Mosswood Park? If so, can we meet them? Whether you’re stationary or mobile, whether you interact one-on-one or draw a crowd like Robot Dance Party, there’s lots of room for all your colorful characters at FIGMENT Oakland.
  16. Social Practice Art - Do you have a community-based mission and a community-based mode of creating your work? If you create with people instead of paint and consider your artform to about human interaction, we’d love to offer up FIGMENT Oakland as a potential site of engagement.
  17. Quiet Sanctuaries - Not all art needs to jump up and shout in your face, sometimes quiet contemplation makes the strongest statement. A beautiful place to sit, a solitary typewriter and chair, an elaborate and softly musical mobile, a surrealist sculpture, a mandala of sticks in homage to Andy Goldsworthy. If your art piece whispers instead of shouts, let us know and we’ll work to make its beauty heard.
  18. Your Burning Man Theme Camp - Mosswood Park isn’t the Black Rock Desert but the best of burner interactivity and the best of FIGMENT interactivity share a common inspiration point. If your theme camp is interested in bringing their game or interaction model to a wildly different location and audience let’s talk!
    • Keep in mind that food, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages cannot be served at Mosswood Park so your bar camp may need to find a different way to participate in FIGMENT Oakland.
  19. Your Maker Project - Do you make wearables, engage in mad science, hack at electronics, work at the intersection of craft and technology, and have small (or less-small) projects that you’d love to showcase. Tell us what you’ve made and we’ll give you some ideas about how to bring them to FIGMENT.
  20. Last Year’s FIGMENT Project - Every FIGMENT Oakland is different, not every FIGMENT project needs to be. If you have a soft spot for your 2014, 2015, or 2017 piece then you should bring it back! 


Inspired? We hope so! If you have questions, feel free to email our curation team at [email protected] And if you're ready to submit a project, you can find our submission portal here

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