6 Reasons To Get a Jump On Submitting to FIGMENT Oakland 2018

Inspiration doesn’t always strike on schedule. We know, we know. Which is why you have until September 1st to submit a project for our 2018 event. But why get your project in early? Here are six reasons to get a jump on your submission:

  1.  Power is first come, first serve. Do your LEDs need to be plugged in? How about the fan on your large inflatable? How about the amps for your band or the mic for your spoken word performance? The earlier we know your power needs, the better we can plan for them. Do keep in mind that access to power is limited and cannot be guaranteed past a certain point in event planning (there’s a reason we listed this first). So don’t get stuck in the dark! Submit your power-reliant project now.
  2. Placement for site specific installations is first come, first serve. Are you eyeing a specific tree or stump for your work? Do you need to be placed on the pavement? Do you need a very large space or a very flat space or need to keep a safe distance from trees or the street? The earlier we know where you want your piece - or where you DON’T want your piece - the better we can help you plan. After all, if you thought wearing the same outfit as someone else was awkward, just imagine what it’s like when two artists both assume they can have the same placement.
  3. Scheduling in the amphitheater is first come, first serve. While we’re not running a formal sound setup in the amphitheater for 2018, the space has great natural sound and is perfect for acoustic or DIY amplified musical, theatrical, or spoken word performances. But at seven hours long, we can only fit so many performances in the event. If your performance would be better on a stage, it’s best to submit it early so we can guarantee you a proper spot and proper support.
  4. Get featured on our site! Projects that are submitted early will be featured on the FIGMENT Oakland website. Show off your project, reach new fans, and increase the buzz around your work.
  5. Get featured on our blog! We’ll be blogging about specific projects, and categories of projects, on our blog. But we can’t blog about work that hasn’t been submitted yet. If you’d like to see your work featured in print, make sure to submit your project early so we can feature you in our content plan.
  6. Get promoted on social! Are you following us on Twitter? Have you liked us on Facebook? How about Instagram? Much like our blog, we want to promote your work on social, but we can’t promote projects that haven’t been submitted yet. If you have upcoming shows or events to promote, a call for participation that could use some amplification, or just want to see your pics online, submit your project early and let us know you’d like a social boost!

Great! So now you want to submit your project ASAP, right? Our portal is open until 11:59pm on September 1st. You can find all the details here on our site, or you can reach out to a curator for help at [email protected].

Happy arting and we can’t wait to see your work at FIGMENT Oakland this September 29th!

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