Call for Volunteer Curators - FIGMENT Oakland 2018

Join the team for our community-driven participatory art festival! 

FIGMENT Oakland is coming back to Mosswood Park Saturday this September! As planning starts for our fourth year here in Oakland, we’re looking for self-motivated, outgoing, volunteers to help with artist outreach and curation.

Over the past four years, we’ve worked with hundreds of artists, makers, and performers to bring participatory art to a diverse cross section of Bay Area residents during our day-long free event. We stand for Art that...

  • Is created, enhanced, and brought to life by the input of its audience.
  • Must be directly engaged with in order to be appreciated.
  • Involves few(er) financial and institutional barriers for engagement.
  • Encourages participation between audience and art, between audience and artist, and between audience and the community.
  • Inspires creativity and community engagement.

This kind of creativity can take many forms. We’ve exhibited interactive LED pieces, spoken word stages, musical acts, game meetups, bike-based sculptures, robotics, dance troupes, performers, crafting classes, collaborative paintings, upcycled eco-work, community groups, social practice artists, inflatable installations, and more. If you can bring it to FIGMENT - chances are we can find a fitting place for it within Mosswood park.

In fact, FIGMENT itself can be seen as one large collaborative art project.

Purpose/Objective of the Curation Team:

  • Provide artists with a positive exhibition experience and impression of FIGMENT Oakland.
  • Develop an excellent rapport and build strong relations with artists and the community.
  • Respect Mosswood Park through well thought out pieces and installations plans that leave no trace on the grounds
  • Provide artist and community outreach for FIGMENT both online and in person.


  • Report directly to the Head Curator.
  • Available for most Bi-Weekly Meetings, regular email communications, + 2-3 hours of Administration throughout the week.
  • Available for some portion of Artist Meet and Greets .
  • Available FIGMENT weekend.
  • Maintain artist information in Salesforce or other agreed upon collectively accessible database, ensuring the information is accurate and complete.
  • Communicate with artists in timely manner via communication method of your preference.
  • Coordinate the installation and de-installation with artists, keep them informed of deadlines and dates, help with placement and general preparation before the event.
  • Work with the rest of the Curation Team on outreach and communication strategies. Follow through on any related agreements.
  • Reach out to artist community to let them know about FIGMENT—attending shows, performances or studio visits, sending emails/messages, engaging on message boards and groups.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned related to day-of Event Production

Preferred Experience

  • Knowledge of art and local art scene, or keen interest in learning.
  • Knowledge of social media platforms, active on social media platforms.
  • Appreciation of discipline you are curating.
  • Basic Google Suite skills - Drive, Calendar, and Google Groups.
  • General customer service or customer-facing skills.
  • Experience in volunteer roles or with non-profits.


  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must live in the greater Bay Area
  • Must be available FIGMENT weekend

To read our full Curator FAQ, click here. If you’d like to join the team, have questions to ask, or want to tell us about the kinds of community-oriented art you’re most passionate about, email our Lead Curator at [email protected]

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