Welcome to FIGMENT people, a series of stories about the people behind FIGMENT Oakland! We’ll meet some people on the core event team, artists and volunteers. Want to hear about a specific FIGMENT team member or volunteer? Email us and tell us who you’d like to see: [email protected]

FIGMENT person: Emmie Katz

Emmie Katz is the 2015 Curatorial Director for FIGMENT Oakland. Her role has her communicating with our dozens of artists, managing the growing volunteer curatorial team, assisting with art placement and event logistics, and doing individual artist outreach. Her longtime roots in the local community give her a unique perspective on the Oakland art scene.


Though this is Emmie's first year in a FIGMENT team leadership role, she is no stranger to large volunteer art projects, events and festivals. She was drawn to FIGMENT in particular because of its commitment to inclusivity.

She says, "The Bay Area is lucky to have a ton of great places to see and make art. FIGMENT is unique, and particularly exciting to me, because of its commitment to making a welcoming, creative space that isn't transactional. Creative expression is very democratic, and very human. I like to blur the distinctions between art, craft, and play. I hope that FIGMENT becomes a place for that in the Bay Area."

What does she do when she's not working on FIGMENT?

Emmie keeps busy building large scale art installations all year long. Her passions include sculpture, carpentry and metalworking. She was part of the teams that created the larger-than-life Birdhouse for Arthur J. Wren (which made an appearance at FIGMENT in 2014 and has travelled to other events such as the Treasure Island Music Festival) and the Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform (which has been shown at California Academy Nightlife and other places, click here for a video). She's an avid rock climber and writer.

Want to meet Emmie and say hello? Join the volunteer team and help her do whatever needs doing!

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