PEOPLE OF FIGMENT: Irene Malatesta

Welcome to FIGMENT people, a series of stories about the people behind FIGMENT Oakland! We’ll meet some people on the core event team, artists and volunteers. Want to hear about a specific FIGMENT team member or volunteer? Email us and tell us who you’d like to see: [email protected]



Irene hard at work at Artist Check-In, FIGMENT NYC 2014.


FIGMENT person: Irene Malatesta

Irene Malatesta is the Outreach Director for FIGMENT Oakland 2014-15. Her role involves talking to artists, art institutions and other non-profit organizations about FIGMENT. She works all season long to forge and nurture partnerships between local organizations and publicize FIGMENT to the greater Bay Area arts community. She has been a volunteer and curator for FIGMENT NYC since its inception, before skipping town and moving to San Francisco this year.



From drawing to storytelling, performance art and dance, Irene loves interactive art and creativity in all its forms.

She says, “One thing I love most about FIGMENT is how the events encourage people of all ages to explore and play. My education background is in fine art and art criticism, but it makes me really sad to think how many people are put off or intimidated by art that they think is too complex or serious or just not intended for them. I’m so proud to work on an event where everything is explicitly presented for the interactive enjoyment of all - where there are no wrong answers and visitors can focus on the joy of discovery.”


What else does she do when she’s not working on FIGMENT? 

Irene has spent many fun years devoting her spare time to creative events in and around the arts community, including over 10 years of producing absurd costume and theme events with Kostume Kult, leading Zombiecon, and dancing with Thrill The World in New York City. In her day job, she’s the marketing director for a health and wellness-focused tech startup in downtown San Francisco, and spends whatever time she has left hiking, climbing, dancing and writing.


Dancing with Thrill The World in the street at Dance Parade, NYC.

Want to meet Irene in person and say hi? Come to FIGMENT Oakland on October 24th! Or, even better, volunteer to help right here.

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