Welcome to FIGMENT people, a series of stories about the people behind FIGMENT Oakland! We’ll meet some people on the core event team, artists and volunteers. Want to hear about a specific FIGMENT team member or volunteer? Email us and tell us who you’d like to see: [email protected]



FIGMENT person: Josh Silverman

Josh Silverman is a longtime rockstar volunteer and contributing artist to FIGMENT. He’s helped out with FIGMENT NYC over the years with promotion, labor and logistics. He also produced the popular Kissing Booth installation in 2013. Now a Bay Area resident, he’s leading a project to bring to FIGMENT a massive 18-foot-tall outdoor LED video wall where he’s curated a lineup of original digital video content from a dozen local artists. He hopes it will be seen from space.


Some people donate money to charities or volunteer at soup kitchens. Josh believes that bringing participatory art to the masses in a setting like FIGMENT is a meaningful way to give back to the community.

Josh says, “A good interactive art piece should feel like magic to the viewer, and FIGMENT provides a really magical environment for this kind of work, especially for kids. That makes it an ideal venue for bringing interactive video art to people who might not otherwise know that it exists!”

What else does he do when he’s not working on FIGMENT?

Josh lives and breathes digital art and video in his day job at the WorldStage Lab where he works on projection mapping, graphics code and R&D, and system design and sales. In his spare time he writes music, plays classical piano and climbs rocks. (A terrible combination for the hands, actually!)


Josh encounters a subterranean art installation life form at FIGMENT NYC.

Want to meet Josh in person and say hi? Volunteer to help right here!

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