Welcome to FIGMENT people, a series of stories about the people behind FIGMENT Oakland! We’ll meet some people on the core event team, artists and volunteers. Want to hear about a specific FIGMENT team member or volunteer? Email us and tell us who you’d like to see at [email protected].

Rick Abruzzo


Rick Abruzzo is the Producer for FIGMENT Oakland 2015. What does that mean? A little bit of everything. His responsibilities entail cross-team communication and coordination, working with FIGMENT Global and of course, taking the lead on production on the day of the event.


Rick says, “What I love about FIGMENT, first and foremost, is the accessibility to the art and performance. Not everyone in the community is exposed to the kind of hands-on projects and interactive installations because of the social-economic background or museums catering to a much more passive and classical art experience. Second, would easily be getting to work which such a driven, giving and supportive volunteer staff. The Oakland FIGMENT team never cease to surprise me how much they are willing to give back to the artist and audience.”

What else does he do when he’s not working on FIGMENT?

Creative events are his passion! Rick has produced or participated in numerous events in the Bay Area over the years. He has been proudly involved in creating the Dancehall Of Beautiful Radiant Things, Everyhere Logistics, All World's Fair, Fallen Cosmos, Urban Golf, Urban Iditarod, 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade, What's Your Answer and more. He also co-founded pirate radio station Radio Valencia and until last year was the Crew Lead for Sound and Stage at BRC Center Camp Cafe. He lives North Oakland with his cat Megatron.


Photo: The Urban Idiatarod 

Want to meet Rick in person and give him a high five? Come to FIGMENT Oakland on October 24th! Or, even better, volunteer to help out right here!

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