So You Want to Bring Your Installation Art to FIGMENT...

Are you thinking of bringing an installation piece to our September 29th event? Great! We’ve hosted all manner of installation pieces at Mosswood Park. Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Email us at [email protected] if we’ve left anything off! 


  • What are the event hours?

The event runs from 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday September 29th with peak hours from 1:00pm-5:00pm.

  •  What is the crowd like?

We’re expecting several thousand people over the day, everyone from infants to the elderly, with most attendees in the “families with young children” demographic.

  • When does installation/deinstallation start?

Installation starts at 7am on the 29th and should be complete by 10am. Deinstallation starts at 6pm and should be complete by 8:00pm.

  • Can I drive on the field during install/deinstall?

Yes. Cars and light trucks will be allowed on the field from 7:00am-9:00am and again from 6:30pm-8:00pm. You will need to discuss access points with your curator in advance.

  • Will there be installation supplies or tools on site?

You should plan to be self sufficient unless you've coordinated otherwise with your curator!

  • Is there a place to safely store installation supplies?

Yes, during the event we will have a place to store your installation supplies. Please do not store them in your vehicle.

  • What are the cleanup expectations?

That you will bring all the supplies and manpower necessary to leave the park as you found it by 8pm the day of the event. Do note - Sunset is at 6:55pm and Mosswood Park is not well lit. If your project has a time-intensive breakdown, bring a headlamp.

  • Is there artist parking?

The Mosswood Park parking lot is reserved for FIGMENT artists on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Can you provide volunteers?

You should plan to have your project fully staffed by your own team. This includes both volunteers to run your interaction and any needed to assure the safety of our attendees. We will have some volunteers on hand to help with installation and deinstallation, although this should be pre-arranged with your curator. If you need help finding volunteers of any kind, let your curator know and they can help you brainstorm solutions. Interested in volunteering? We’d love to talk!

  • Can you provide funding?

FIGMENT does NOT provide funding for the production, transportation, or insurance of works to, at, or from the park. FIGMENT encourages artists to apply for outside grants and fundraise for your project. Please note that no corporate sponsorship (including logos and credit lines) is permitted at the event, nor do we allow fundraising or sales at the event.

  • Can you provide transportation?

We will try to help artists pool transportation resources, but please be prepared to be self sufficient with your art.

  • Can you provide power?

Yes! But you should pre-arrange it with your curator. Do note, if you want access to power, we need your project submitted by September 1st. After that, you are welcome to bring your own generator, although you will be responsible for its safety and gasoline needs. If your installation requires power tools, try to go battery powered. If this is impossible, just let us know in advance so we can help you out with extension cords.

  • Are there any installation types ill suited for FIGMENT?

We cannot accommodate climbing structures, bounce castles or their equivalents, trampolines, fire art, tesla coils, and anything involving projectiles at FIGMENT Oakland.

  • This is a site specific installation and I need a certain spot.

Great! We love site specific work and will try our best to accommodate it. Please let your curator know ASAP what your needs are. Do keep in mind that site specific installations should be submitted by September 1st. After that date, it will be harder - although not impossible - to place you appropriately.

  • What spots are available for site specific installations?

FIGMENT Oakland takes place on the eastern half of Mosswood Park. This includes the main field, the amphitheater, the pavilion, and the wooded area next to the Kaiser building. It does NOT include the parking lots, the Mosswood House, or the area surrounding the sports fields or the community center. Let us know if you need flat ground as portions of the main field are slightly sloped. 

  • I need to place stakes in the ground, is that okay?

Maybe? It depends on the length and diameter of the stake and the location of your placement. Let your curator know and we’ll place you away from the sprinkler system to reduce risk to the park. In general, we prefer non-stake solutions such as sand bags and weights. Please keep this in mind when planning your project.

  • Can I hang things from the trees?

If it’s very light, yes. But we cannot, under any circumstances, risk any damage to the trees. Please be gentle with the trees, and use a method of attachment that will not leave a mark or scar. Think cloth or rubber tubing. Please check with your curator before planning to hang elements from the trees.

  • Got any general safety advice?

If your installation is an attractive climbing risk, try to get some friends to hang out and monitor your project with you. We may be able to get you some volunteers for this but let us know ASAP so we can plan around that. Little kids are deceptively strong and you should make sure that everything is glued/welded/attached appropriately. If there’s a sharp edge on a project, little kids will find it. Try to make sure everything is filed, sanded, and constructed with more round edges in mind. Bring emergency glue! And a longer power cord than you think you need. Label your tools with your name.

  • Got any general exhibition advice?

Bring water and snacks. Wear comfy shoes. If you’re in the main field bring sunblock and maybe a parasol. Invite your friends to come so you can have help and take breaks from the crowd. If you have them, bring business cards or a sign-up sheet for your mailing list. If you need help of any kind during the event, find anyone with a FIGMENT shirt on and we’ll do our best to find a solution.


Ready to submit? Great! Our submission portal can be found here - Priority placement ends on September 1st, if your project has specific placement or infrastructure needs please submit by that date.


If you’d like more feedback and discussion before submitting, you can email our curation team at [email protected] or find us at any of our meetups

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